Documentation API



  • Added webhook resource and endpoints to allow api Users to register their webhooks


  • added /projects/{gid}/messages POST and GET endpoints, to send and see project messages to a project
  • renamed existing solo mode project to solo_legacy. New solo are meant to be in feed (project messages) form


  • changed file and image fields schema. Image variations are embed now to be able to get any image into its right size.
  "logo": ""


  "logo": {
    "url": "",
    "variations": {
      "icon": {
        "url": ""
      "thumb": {
        "url": ""


  • removed /files endpoint
  • added logo field in Organization returned by /p/organizations/{hostname}
  • removed endpoint /organizations/{gid}/logo_{variation}.jpg, use embed S3 URL in Organization returned by /p/organizations/{hostname}
  • removed endpoint /dl, use embed S3 URL in resources
  • changed organization.logo field type
  • changed project.receipt_filepath, project.brief_file and project.source_file field type
  • Removed embed file resource in worker.image, replaced by a filepath in worker.avatar_filepath
  • changed work.image and work.thumbnail field type
  • replaced worker.image field by worker.avatar
  • added me.upload_form field when responding to GET /me and having scope upload_files


  • Added test to organization, option that allows to create Organizations where project are not charged


  • added last_seen and projects_count fields in resource User for admin only
  • Added avatar to user, generated from his firstname and lastname


  • Added budget and user_rank fields to invitation (data to be provided to generated user)
  • Added project state require_approval for over-budget project to be launched by manager


  • /products/{gid}/organizations is now restricted to admin only


  • added published_at to project resource to display the date of publication (formerly in started_at)
  • added canceled_at to project resource to display the date of cancelation
  • started_at in project now contains the date at which the project is really in progress


  • added new OAuth2 scope files that allows to fetch only files resources
  • renamed /me/change-password to /me/password
  • client authenticated with client_credentials won't be able to request GET /me, PUT /me, GET /me/member_of
  • only admin users can request POST /works, PUT /works/{gid}, DELETE /works/{gid}


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